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How do I determine the availability of my subscription?
At the moment, we have 3 locations for your selection (Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar, Chinatown). You may check your location availability by selecting the location and keying in the postal code. If your postal code is not within the selection, we have yet to extend a delivery zone to serve your location. For postal codes within the locations but are not listed within the selection, please contact us

Are there any delivery fees?
There are no delivery fees for subscription plans.

When is the food being delivered?
Food will be delivered right to your doorstep between 10am-12pm on each running weekday from the date which you have selected. There will be no deliveries on public holidays.

What if I need to change a delivery?
5-Day Plans: Change of delivery dates are not offered.

15-Day Plans: A maximum of 2 date changes are allowed. You have to notify us, exclusively by email at, for any changes by 4PM one-day prior to the scheduled delivery. If you fail to notify by then, we will have to proceed with the delivery.

Can I change the delivery address?
A one-time change is allowed, if the location is within our subscription delivery areas. Customers may check and request for this change, exclusively by email at

Do I need to receive the food everyday?
5-Day plans: Delivery will be made on the first 5 weekdays from the date of plan commencement.

15-Day plans: Maximum of 2 date changes are allowed. The validity of the purchased subscription have a standard validity of 30 calendar days from the start date of subscription package. Requests for change of delivery dates are accepted exclusively by email at, at least one-working day notice, before 4pm.

Is the food chilled/frozen or cooked fresh?
Our food is made fresh on a daily basis. You will receive your daily package including your lunch and dessert, cooked fresh.

What is the cost?
Our prices varies depending on the length of your subscription. From $33.90/day for our 5-Day plans to $31.90/day for our 15-Day plans! No delivery charges!

Who will deliver my meals?
Delivery will be undertaken by our 3rd party delivery professionals strictly based on the details provided by our customer at the time of confirming the order.

Do you provide Vegan/Vegetarian/Keto plans? 
We currently do not have any plans that specifically fit these dietary requirements. However, we will keep these in mind as we expand our subscription service.